Robert Murray
Security Manager & Chief Investigator
Robert Murray is a Law Enforcement & Security Management specialist with over 25
years experience in security management, law enforcement and criminal
investigations, including physical security, security guard operations, executive
protection, regulatory compliance, military, law enforcement and security training.

His professional career includes over 20 years in federal law enforcement with
the United States Marine Corps and the United States Department of Defense Police
and over 16 years in bar & nightclub security management with various establishments
in California, North Carolina and South Carolina.

Mr. Murray’s background includes training from the United States Marine Corps, the
United States Army, the United States Air Force, the United States Navy, the Federal
Bureau of Investigation, the Secret Service, the Naval Criminal Investigative Service,
and various law enforcement agencies in California and North Carolina.

He has written Federal Standard Operating Procedure policies on the subjects
of Police Watch Commander procedures, Police Patrol Supervisor procedures and
Police Desk Sergeant procedures and served as the primary department instructor for
crime scene processing, seizure and processing of evidence, and firearms &
marksmanship training for a 200-person police department.
Areas of Expertise:

School Safety, Security and Emergency Preparedness
Rules of Engagement and Rules on Use of Force
State and Local Regulatory Compliance
Reid Method of Interview/Interrogation
Seizure and Processing of Evidence
Hostage and Crisis Negotiation
Firearms and Marksmanship
Bar and Nightclub Security
Standards and Procedures
Crime Scene Processing
Terrorist Counter Action
Operational Policies
Hospitality Security
Officer Conduct